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leaf necklaces with charms and patina pendant

Exquisite Hand Crafted Patina Pieces

Verdigris Look

To celebrate the feel of an oxidized creation, our patina pieces connotate a vintage and smartly finished look.

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victorian frozen charlotte statement vintage necklace bronze

We scour the earth for vintage relics to incorporate into our jewelry for a one of a kind creation

Ancient and Rare

Frozen Charlotte is a name used to describe a specific type of china doll made from c.1850 to c.1920.
The dolls had substantial popularity during the Victorian era. This is a sample of the exclusive items available only through our site, preserved with care.

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dragon handmade wall art decoration photo print

One of a kind

Wall Prints

All our prints are one of a kind, created in our studio. Most available in 8x10 and 4x6 formats.

Many themes to choose from
orange dangle flower earrings

Vintage Feel one of a kind earrings

As Beautiful As You Are

Our earrings are meant to be as unique as the wearer. Always a conversation piece, we are confident you will love your purchases.

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Street and concert wear

ddk. Rock Apparel

We are the proud distributor of ddk. Rock Apparel.

DDK is a multi award winning clothing line, taking TOP award , several years in the running for both Mens Apparel and Music.

Go directly to ddk. !
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